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Monster Energy understands Hendrick Motorsports’ reluctance to use sponsor logo

After a report from ESPN last week that Hendrick Motorsports was trying to avoid showing the Monster Energy logo wherever possible, everyone wondered how the NASCAR Cup series sponsor would react.

Monster Energy VP Mitch Covington says he understands Hendrick’s reaction, and doesn’t blame the race team for trying to protect team sponsor Mountain Dew.

“They’ve got a good sponsor they need to take care of,” Covington told ESPN. “We don’t have any problem with Mr. Hendrick or his team or his drivers. We think they’re great.”

The network reported Friday that the team has not used Monster Energy logos on pictures of its cars posted from the Hendrick race shop. Also, Dale Earnhardt Jr. conducted an ESPN interview Thursday with the Monster Energy logo patch on his uniform turned upside down.

Team owner Rick Hendrick had addressed the issue Friday.

“When you see our cars at the track, they will have the Monster logo on the windshield, on the side of the car,” Hendrick said. “Our guys will have it on their uniform.”

That’s what Monster’s new primary sponsorship of NASCAR’s top series requires, and that’s apparently good enough for Monster Energy executives.